Illuminate your Wine Bottle …

An ingenious idea: a light for your bottle!

Wine bottle, champagne bottle, decorative bottle – the BottleLight fits all standard bottles.

A slender light stick changes your bottle into a garden light, veranda illumination, table decoration.

Running on 3 AA batteries it is a safe light… no wind is blowing out the candle, no fire hazard – important in this dry country we live in!

The LED light stays cool and can also be used lighting up colourful pebbles in a decorative glass bowl.

Comes in handy as a quick torch too!

Where can you purchase a BottleLight?

Get in touch with us on :

       0457 060 454 and 0438 210 373

or Email us:

You can also pick up one right away at:

  • Carpe Diem Winery on Johnson Road

More venues to come and we will let you know where!