Want to reward the Kids ?

Now that they are back in school; the are behaving and turning themselves into little geniuses … why not reward them with a weekend down south ? And reward yourself joining a family friendly tour with wine tasting and being chauffeured around !

Have some fun all together: moms, dads, aunties or uncles with daughters, sons, nieces and nephews, if you travel with the grandies – yes, you can enjoy a Wine Tour and also bring the children: come with us on the Hits with Kids Tour.

Great family time : we start the tour with fun for the kids (small & big !) and then visit child friendly wineries during the day; there is lunch for all and we might stop at chooooocolaaaaaate … or let the children run to the playground while you enjoy “the other drop” at a brewery….
See you!  Sabine Zig and the Team